"He set my feet upon a rock and gave me a firm place to stand" Psalm 40:2

A network for married couples who want to ensure that they build a strong marriage.

Who runs it?
The network is led by Ben and Helen Neal. Their vision is to create a forum where couples can get to know other married couples and explore different aspects of building strong marriages through lively and short presentations and entertaining conversation! Feel free to bring your friends.

Where does it meet?
The network meets every month at the home of Ben and Helen.  Contact the office on 01392 434311 for the address.

Food will be provided but feel free to bring a bottle to share.

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Other Marriage Support

At ENC we are committed to building strong marriages and to that end are partnering with Exeter Pear Tree (formerly Exeter Community Family Trust) to provide a range of opportunities for couples:

Marriage Preparation

This is a programme for engaged couples which includes an online FOCCUS questionnaire, a day’s workshop and up to three sessions of questionnaire exploration of your results with trained marriage mentors.  Please Ben and Helen Neal who will ensure that you are given a 50% voucher as a gift from the church towards the cost of this programme.

Marriage Enrichment

Exeter Pear Tree  runs “Time Out For Marriage” weekends near Totnes in the heart of Devon. These are for couples who want to spend some focused time reminding themselves why they got married in the first place!  Click here for more information or have a chat to Guy and Tania.

The Marriage Course

Guy and Tania run the HTB Marriage Course in the Spring of each year.  This is a seven week programme that enables you to further enrich your marriage.  The feedback from previous courses has been excellent and the course is a great opportunity to invest in your relationship. 

Marriage Support: Mentoring

If you are interested in training as a marriage mentor for either engaged couples or to be able to offer support to couples experiencing difficulty in their marriage by training on the advanced mentoring programme, please talk to Guy and Tania who will be delighted to tell you more! Also if you have hit a “rough spot” in your own marriage (as we all do from time to time) and you would like to meet with a mentor couple to help you, just let Guy and Tania know and they’ll find you a suitable couple to chat to.

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