Hi and welcome to Gems! We hope that through the group, children can find out about God through fun, play and encouragement.

Jules Hadden

Who's it for?
Aged 1-4s

When does it take place?
During the 4pm gathering.  

What happens?
We love to have lots of fun, sing songs, read stories, do craft activities, play, make new friends and watch videos.

What's our aim?
We really want the children of Exeter Network Church to form friendships with one another that will help them to grow in their faith as they grow up. 

If you have a child who is in this age group please join us when the children go out during a 4pm gathering. You are welcome to settle them in for a couple of weeks first if you feel more comfortable - stay as long as you want - but we’d love them to be part of the fun!

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