Mining the rich seam of theological reflection on the Trinity gives us incredible insights into how God wants us to be. The Trinity speaks of encounter, community, obedience and mission at the heart of God.  These are four elements we have outlined repeatedly at enc with the mnemonic High, Wide, Deep and Long.  We want to build a church with God’s help that is high, wide, deep and long.  That is, we aim for:

High Voltage Worship  


In worship we encounter God through the tangible presence of his Spirit. Through music, prayer, creative arts, story, action and silence and the use of our bodies, minds and spirits we encounter God’s empowering presence and give him our praise and love.  We foster all kinds of creativity, from words and music to image and action.  We also like to give space for the gifts of the Spirit to be exercised.

Deep End Discipleship


At the heart of the Trinity is also the obedience of the Son to the Father.  Our concern has been to make disciples, who live their lives as Jesus would if he were them and to counter drift and passivity amongst Christians.  We have set up 4mation groups, groups of four who meet for an hour a week, helping one another to engage in spiritual disciplines and to be alert to God’s activity in everyday life.  

Wide Angle Community


We work hard at being an inclusive and interdependent community.  The main way we do this is through hubs and community events. Our community is non-boundary and non-geographical.  Our aim is for our gatherings of all sizes to have ‘blurred edges’ so it is easy for people to join us whoever they are, and wherever they are in their spiritual journey.                                                                                

Long Arm Outreach


The Father sends the Son to enter our world and rescue us and sends the Spirit to give us life.  We want to be a church that is shaped by mission.  At ENC we get involved in evangelism and social action as part of the mission of God.  All our networks aim to be outward focused; some are age related, some are social networks, some are involved in social action.  The church is to be Jesus to the world.

The other slogan we use often is that we want to be strong at the core and blurred at the edges