SUNDAY 24TH june 2018 // 4PM & 6.30PM

We have two gatherings on Sunday, 4pm and 6.30pm at Maynard School, Spicer Road EX1 1SJ
(tea & cake served between the gatherings from 5.30pm).

The gatherings begin with about 25 minutes of worship, which is when we use music led by a band to help us connect with God and thank and praise him. Someone will then lead us in prayer for about 5 minutes, we'll have a short break to chat to the people around us, find out what's coming up in the weeks ahead, and then an inspiring talk to encourage us in the way we live out our faith in the coming week. After the talk there is an opportunity for anyone to receive prayer from one of our trained prayer team.

There are fun and engaging groups for anyone aged 1-14yrs at the 4pm gathering and the kids join us for the first part, click on the links below for more info about these groups.


1-4 year olds


Primary school age


Year 7-9

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Other Gatherings


Core@4 Sundays

This is when the 4PM and 6:30PM gatherings combine to make a bumper gathering! We meet at 4PM every 2nd Sunday of the month and the same groups apply for 1-14 year olds. Drinks and cakes are served afterwards from 5:30PM. Usually we have two gatherings at 4PM and 6:30PM.


Edge sundays

Edge Sundays happen twice a year. Instead of gathering together on a Sunday we spread out and do activities across the city when to bless our community. We have done all sorts in the past such as Beer and Carols, Open mics, flashmobs, giving free stuff away at carboot sales, offering free gift wrapping. We aim to shock with kindness!






SuperSundays happen twice a year and we all go and spend the day in the country side. We have a gathering usually in the morning, have lunch together and then do all sorts of fun activities in the afternoon and usually there is a lot of tea and cake involved at some point in the afternoon. It is a great time of fun and community building.