"The purpose of SWAT* is to provide protection, support, security, fire power and rescue to police operations in high personal risk situations where specialised tactics are necessary to minimize casualties."  Los Angeles Police Department, 1974, p 109.

The prayer SWAT team is for responding to urgent and important requests for prayer.  By joining the team you agree to pray immediately and specifically for the issue, as the Holy Spirit leads you, and then to release it to God. 

It is generally for needs of people who are part of ENC and is not for situations requiring ongoing prayer, which will be addressed by other means.  SWAT team prayers should be kept confidential.

Please note - Prayer SWATS can usually only be activated during office hours.
Here are some suggestions for when the office is closed (Fri afternoon, Sat & Sun):

  • Contact your 4mation and ask them to pray.
  • Ask a wider group of friends to pray
  • Email the office and it will be activated when the office is next open

If you would like to join the SWAT team distribution list, or if you have a request for the SWAT team please fill in this form:

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