30th May - 8th June 2019

ENC will begin 10 days of prayer as part of our involvement with the global movement 'Thy Kingdom Come'.  For ten days, we are joining with churches all over the globe to pray for God's Kingdom to Come and for those we know who don't yet know Jesus. It will be a really precious time to carve out time to press into prayer, in a way we don't often have time or space to do. We do this to mirror the early church who, in Acts, devoted themselves to prayer, and then saw the Holy Spirit in action at Pentecost - we want to cry out for the same outpouring


The ENC prayer room will be open everyday from 6am-10pm including late night worship (8pm-10pm).  This will give us an amazing opportunity to carve out time in our days and weeks, to go somewhere dedicated to God's presence and have the freedom to just be with Him, connect with His heart and let Him move in us in prayer. If you are part of Network we really encourage you to get involved.  You can do this by hosting an hour or two (or more!).  'Hosting' simply means you are saying that you will be in the prayer room for that hour.  You don't need to plan a prayer meeting or Bible study, you are just saying that you will be there praying and others are free to come and go.