As a Network we will be primarily outward looking but we want to meet weekly and do something different each week using ENC’s “high, wide, deep and long” motto.
At the moment the idea is to follow a 4 weekly pattern as follows:

  • Week 1: High – an evening to pray and worship together.
  • Week 2: Wide – a community activity – maybe helping fix someone’s decorating or garden; hospital visiting/activity etc. This could be anything to help the wider community and we will use contacts with the local police and hospital as well as contacting social services to find out where we can help. This will benefit both people not part of ENC and us as we become more of a team by doing something together.
  • Week 3: Deep – a teaching evening.
  • Week 4: Long – a supper club to which we invite our friends. It will be a bring-and-share-type meal. A time to have fun and blurred edge so all are welcome.

Where possible we can use our house but sometimes we will meet elsewhere – e.g. not sure the neighbours will enjoy really noisy worship!
Obviously this will not be what everyone who has come to the course will want to be a part of but judging by the response last week many of you do!
For those who have not yet let us know if you would like to be a part of this, would you either let us know when you come this week or, if you are not going to be here this week, please email us to let us know. Thanks.
It’s going to be good!