Tree of Life Season 1

The Tree of Life in Revelation produced different crops of fruit every month and its leaves were for healing the nations. We want to be people whose lives have roots, who bear fruit and who are healing in our society.

To that end Nick will be teaches on being drawn into the Bible Story and becoming rooted in it, finding Jesus in every book. The aim is to find new ways to interact with the Bible rather than feel guilty for not reading it!

Grace speaks about living a radical Jesus lifestyle which is fruitful all the time and is part of both nourishing and healing a fractured world.

Tree of life season 2

Last time the course focused on the Old Testament and had little time to enjoy the fulfillment of so much that was written there by the coming of Jesus in the New Testament. So this time we will be focusing on the Gospels with a view to getting to know Jesus better as revealed in those books and how that impacts us personally today.