ENC CHARIS is a Network, with the aim of bringing hope and transforming the lives of refugee families one life at a time.

ENC partner with Belmont Church and Exeter Vineyard Church to run CHARIS Exeter, which is the 1st Franchise of the charity set up in Taunton.

 CHARIS is passionate about making a difference, even just to one life, offering hope to refugee families and being part of transforming their circumstances. The charity was formed in direct response to the Government's opportunity to sponsor refugee families from the Middle East. Moved by the plight of thousands of refugees, three churches in Taunton set up the charity and applied to the Home Office to become a Community Sponsor. They received their first family in July 2017!

We're seeking a wide range of help and support, from landlords, language tutors, Arabic speaker, benefits gurus, drivers, painters, prayers, befrienders, errand runners - you name it .... we're interested to hear from you - get in touch by filling out the form below

To find out more or get involved with CHARIS Exeter, get in touch with Helen by filling out the form below:

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