The Alpha Course

Alpha is a series of sessions that allow people to explore their ideas of life, faith and the universe, all based around a meal and some decent coffee! We meet at 7pm in Exeter City Centre for some dinner, a catch-up and some time to unwind, before watching a short film that covers a different aspect of the Christian faith each week: for example, some of the sessions are entitled ‘Is there more to life than this?’, ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘Why and how do I pray?’

Each short film is designed simply to create conversation, and so after the film has finished we have up to an hour around small tables just chatting through what we’ve seen, what we think of it, and what our questions are. No question or opinion is off limits, and there’s no pressure to agree with one another! We do, however, always seek to respect one another’s opinions…

There are 25,915 days in the average human life; why not spend a few hours this term exploring what it might all be for?

We’ll be running Alpha 7-9pm each Thursday night at St. Mary Arches Church, EX4 3BA, kicking off on October 31st.

Course dates for your diary:

Thurs. 31st October – 7pm - Alpha #1 - Is there more to life than this?

Thurs. 7th November – 7pm - Alpha #2 - Who is Jesus?

Thurs. 14th November – 7pm - Alpha #3 - Why did Jesus die?

Thurs. 21st November – 7pm - Alpha #4 - How can I have faith?

Thurs. 28th November – 7pm - Alpha #5 - Why and how do I pray?

Thurs. 5th December – 7pm - Alpha #6 - How and why should I read the Bible?

*Saturday 7th December* - 10am-4pm - Alpha Away Day at Shillingford Village Hall – The Holy Spirit

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